NPYAD Grants-in-Aid

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Whether the organization is NGO or body registered under any State/Central Law? If yes, mention the Act or Rules and provide details as below:


Organisation Detail with Complete Contact Address

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Bank Account Details

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33: Details of the Existing Complete Members of Executive/Governing Body : (Copies of the MOU/byelaws to be enclosed)

NameFather’s/Husband’s/Wife’s nameAddress with Telephone NumbersIndicate relationship with other membersAadhaar Number
Note : #Note-1: If there is any change in the original executive/governing body of the organisation, certified copy of the resolution passed by the Executive Body/Managing Committee of the VO should be enclosed or supporting evidence should be furnished.
Note-2: All the members of the Executive/ Governing Body are jointly and severally responsible for the commission or omission on the part of the Organisation.